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The Homeboy Hotline (HBH) is non-profit, designed to increase employment opportunities and offer job resources to ex-offenders and the most vulnerable in our communities. We reach out to and serve individuals who have been released from  correctional institutions, persons who have active parole files and those who are active participants in a drug rehabilitation program. HBH is a community based organization (CBO) that is focused on building relationships between other CBO's, local employers and HBH participants.  We offer a central location to receive employment, educational resources, lifeskills classes, support and basic job training courses and employment references upon meeting the conditions of the program criteria. The function of our program is to provide a comprehensive resource database that is specific to employers and other community agencies who will hire persons with a criminal records and provide supportive resources. HBH helps you communicate with potential employers, affiliated employment agencies and community service partners. 

HBH is not gender specific and will provide the same services to each active participant regardless of race, sex, gender, citizenship or class. HBH primary goal is to increase the streams of open communication between the population of ex-offenders in the targeted areas and potential employers in the surrounding areas.

Fleetwood says,

Community improvement and uplifting youth and former inmates is his main priority, social activist, producer, and rap artist Fleetwood combined with “UaintgettinmyPublishing,”decided to launch the Homeboy Hotline August 25, 2006 which will give youth and former prison inmates with checkered pasts jobs in the community. “We need jobs in our community from supervisors, managers, HR reps, and all other employees from the community. You say you wanna see a change in our community well here is your chance to help get the homeys off the blocks. What we are doing is creating a database for networking in our community of local jobs on a bases of who you know not what you know it's time to step up and help our people. We can't wait on anyone else.”

Homeboy Hotline is going to be a huge vehicle that will change the make-up of the Bay Area’s street. Fleetwood a gifted motivational speaker understands the importance of inner-city positive opportunities like the hotline, inmate interactions, he's the author of the book entitled “Hip-Hop Tried 2 Kill Me” which will give a rare insight on the inside of the music game of exploitation these are just a few examples of how Fleetwood gives back and contributes to his local community.

We truly wish you the best in your pursuit of employment we hope our leads will help you

Whatever  you do stay close to GOD and what you want won't be far from you.

For more information or to arrange an interview with us, please  call 415-685-1653. 

If you would like to donate to the Homeboy Hotline Non-Profit, please send checks to  Robert Fleetwood Bowden 1502 West Glendale Ave. Apt. 249  Phoenix, Arizona 85021. Please contact us at 415-685-1653 for any questions.