​​​​Homeboy Hotline - 72 hours of Hope...

Contact Info: Fleetwood @ 415-685-1653 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeboyhotline.org


1. Company: Coreslab Structure (Ariz) Inc.

Contact: Thomas Blackshear (Father Thomas) or Niemann Spears/hiring manager

Telephone Number: 602-469-2318 (Mr. Thomas) 602-769-1375 cell for Mr. Spears

Type of work: Construction

Notes: Need people reliable with transportation and motivated  

2. Company: Logicall

Contact: Maxine Vinson mvison@logicall.net

Telephone Number: 602-483-5555

Type of work: inbound calls

Notes: All ways hiring $10-$20 per hour

3. Company: Asurion Recruitment Team

Contact: Will Juarez

Telephone Number: 262-289-2389

Type of work: Call center

Notes: Need customer service knowledge 

4. Company: AZCR Staffing

Contact: Kaila Minehan

Telephone Number: 406-491-5601

Type of work:Call center


5. Company: First Impression Security Door

Contact: Tricia Rush or Director Bob is willing to come speak to members about 

interviewing and what to say. Was willing to work with Frantz Beasley on board of directors

Telephone Number: 480-339-6140 

Type of work: Sales

Notes: violent crime or crime against kids 

Bob Neckes 

HR Director 

Office: (480) 320-4954 X100 

Mobile: 480-263-0354 

Fax: (480) 633-3228 


6. Company: Haskins Electric LLC

Contact:  Charles B. Haskins

Telephone Number: 623-937-3999 or 602-708-7502

Type of work: Apprenticeship 


7. Company: Home Depot

Contact:  Eric Ehlers

Telephone Number: Eric_Ehlers@homedepot.com

Type of work: Call center, supervisor 


8. Company: Revana

Contact: Mary Ann lopez

Telephone Number: 480-446-1443

Type of work: Recruiter


9. Company: 3-G Construction Co, Inc

Contact: Russ laRose-Trainer

Telephone Number: Cell-(602) 904-0158 (602) 569-0900

Type of work: Construction 


10. Company: AAA landscape

Contact: George Mcneely Human Resource Mgr


Telephone Number:(602) 437-2690  (602) 575-2032

Type of work: Landscaping


11. Company: Erickson Framing AZ LLC

Contact: Gilbert Pacheco

Telephone Number: 480-627-1103 Phone Cell 480-273-6046

Type of work: Framing, Carpenter


12. Company: Workforce Solutions labor Ready


Telephone Number: 480-839-4350

Type of work: Day labor

Notes: Tempe office-1340 E Broadway Suite, Tempe AZ

13. Company: Contact: ASURION

Telephone Number: Send resume to asurionjobs@gmail.com

Type of work: Call center

Notes: $14.50

14. Company: DK Advocates

Contact: Micaela Corponi

Telephone Number: (602) 277-5787 ext. 212

Type of work: 

Notes: Work site specialist Helping prepare ex Offenders for employment /job training 

/resume preparation

15. Company: Call Center Converys

Contact: Gregory

Telephone Number: Gregory 480-754-8404 or Crystal Kennedy 469-624-5920 ext. 8272019 

Type of work: 


16. Company: AWEE Works 


Telephone Number: 602-223-4333

Type of work: 

Notes: Changing lives through the dignity of work

17. Company: Veterans Workforce

Contact: Janet Waters

Telephone Number: 602-771-0627 jwaters@azdes.gov

Type of work: 


18. Company: Community Kitchen


Telephone Number: 602-343-3183

Type of work: Cooking

Notes: Offers culinary training at no cost

19. Company: Waffle House-Restaurant

Contact: Andrew Pope

Telephone Number: 480-432-4263

Type of work: Restaurant 


20. Company: Erickson Construction

Contact: Gilbert Pacheco 

Telephone Number: 480-273-6046

Type of work: Carpentry/Frame/Trim


21. Company: HSS staffing


Telephone Number: 602-573-3186 or 602-849-3051

Type of work: Hotel cleaning staff


22. Company: AZAR Staffing


Telephone Number: 602-870-3515

Type of work: 

Notes: 2601 West Dunlap Ave Suite 4

23. Company: Creditsafe

Contact: Jamie Niijboer

Telephone Number: 480-405-9300

Type of work: N/A


24. Company: St Joseph the worker


Telephone Number: 602-417-9854

Type of work: 

Notes: Downtown Phoenix 1125 W Jackson

East Valley

Carol Reed (602) 292-4294

25. Company: Workforce Solutions labor Ready


Telephone Number: 480-839-4350

Type of work: Day labor

Notes: Tempe office-1340 E Broadway Suite, Tempe AZ



Telephone Number: 480-905-4275

Type of work: In home care workers


27. Company: 

Contact: Kathleen

Telephone Number: 800-377-7486

Type of work: Call center sales agents

Notes: 1295 W Washington St Phoenix AZ

28. Company - Goodwill Industries

Career Advisor I - Kendra

1625 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85015




Community Resources/Partners 

1. Dream Center near Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Dream Center


3210 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ · (602) 346-8700

a volunteer driven nonprofit organization, which exists to serve the homeless, low-

income, at risk youth and struggling individuals and families by providing resources, 

opportunities and supportive services to help them realize their dream of living a self-

sufficient life.

2. Homeless Court Advocacy helps with getting misdemeanors discharge, tickets and 

warrants cleared in Maricopa County

must be clean and sober for 30 days

for more info contact: Shira Zias (602)223-3422  szias@hsc-az.org

3. Sister Ministries 

Provides clothing, Make up and Hygiene items for women (Women Help )

8802 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

call (602) 684-3458

 Arizona Community Information & Referral: (602) 263 8856

4. Hope's Crossing-Inspiring encouraging & creating hope in women

(602)795-8098 Laura Bullock CEO hopecrossing.org


5. Men Mentoring Group "Fathers Mentoring Fathers"

 Mary Longenbaugh Job Coach-Office (602)774-3298

3146 E.Wier ave Suite 26

6. Community Workshop assisting ex offenders in with barriers to employment

(602) Derek Jeske (602) 264-9891

2400 North central ave Suite 101

7. Dress for Success (Provides business clothes for Women)

1024 E . buckeye rd Suite 165 Phoenix,Az


8. CASS 

Patricia Hernandez 

Veterans employment & benefits specialist

Office: 602.256.6945 ext.1715

Cell: 480.369.0356


9.Phoenix Job Corps Center

Nongmaithem Reeta Devi: Career Transition Services Specialist 


Cell: 602-350-7387

10. Maricopa County 

Harvey Smith: Smart Justice Employment Coordinator

Office: 602-506-1789

Cell: 602-527-5136


11. Mercy Maricopa Intergrated Care

Maggie kasparek: Employment and Economic Development Manager



12. Department of Economic Security 

William Higgins: State Apprenticeship Program Lead

Phone: 602-542-5641


www.azwaca.org list of apprenticeship programs/companies

13. Sage Counseling

Tricia Quezada ADC Case Manager

Cell: 480-233-4935

Office: 602-357-6959


14. Southwest Behavior & Health services

Steven Southall: Employment Services Program Coordinator

Phone: 602-351-6921

Cell: 623-225-8787


15. Gensis

Eboni Farmer; business account coordinator

West Valley Career Center

Cell: 602.525.3832


16. Brighton College/The Paralegal Institute 

Sam Fernandez: Executive Vice President

800-354-1254 ext 402


17. Maricopa Skill Center

Rainie Dionne

Manger of Workforce Development