​​​​Homeboy Hotline - 72 hours of Hope...

Contact Info: Fleetwood @ 415-685-1653 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homeboyhotline.org

​​​​​​The Homeboy Hotline (HBH), founded by Robert "Fleetwood" Bowden, is a reentry program providing the urgent resources needed, particularly within the first 72 hours of release from the prison industrial complex.  For it is during this critical time that healing, supportive and effective connections have to be made to ensure freedom and eradicate recidivism.  This is why we are the "72 Hours of Hope"...we are the sign that is posted along the road of redemption, assisting our brothers and sisters with guidance and direction towards a life of change that will lead them to becoming productive members of our community.

We work to promote the transformation that will reveal the truth that has been inside of them all along. HBH provides resources to ex-offenders that will increase their chances of gaining employment regardless of their past crime. We are dedicated to addressing those issues that prevent ex-offenders and related classes from having viable means of employment.